We at Kobayashi Kogeisha are committed to creativity and to doing our work courteously and with integrity. We also work to sustain people’s satisfaction with their lives and to maintain the rich vibrancy of enterprises through the continuous honing of our skills.


We also believe in making a contribution to society by providing our display services.


Our concept of service is to provide suggestion to live better to make a bright future.
A bright future is accumulation of better tomorrows. A better tomorrow should be of people with more capacities and a reliable society in which there is a place for us.


Each staff of Kobayashi Kogeisha always picture how we want to live in a bright future thus, each one of us thinks how we should live at each moment in order to realize such future.
We make continuous effort in order to realize these visions by making suggestions to our clients about ideal lifestyle and materializing it together.


Each staff of Kobayashi Kogeisha reflects their lifestyles of each generation. We are all committed to make continuous